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Baltic Workboats newest pilot vessel, Shipeku, starts its journey to Canada.

Baltic Workboats, a leading European shipbuilder, has announced that its newest WP 17 Pilot vessel “Shipeku” has begun its journey to its new home in Canada with the Laurentian Pilotage Authority. The vessel’s advanced wave-piercing hull, state-of-the-art technology, and low noise and vibration levels, make it a reliable and highly efficient choice. The laurentian pilots will benefit from the vessel’s premium design by experiencing a smooth and stable ride, even in rough seas while also benefitting from lower operating costs due to its fuel efficient design.

Baltic Workboats’ commitment to providing high-quality vessels that cater to its clients’ unique needs is evident with Shipiku. The vessels ergonomic helm layout will ensure her crew can operate the vessel with ease, reducing fatigue and enhancing safety. The vessel is also equipped with the shipyards newest version of its remote monitoring system, enabling shoreside personnel the ability to monitor and diagnose the vessel remotely to minimize downtime and better plan for routine maintenance. Finally, The vessel’s advanced hull design offers maximum fuel efficiency, in conjunction with IMO III engines, minimizing the carbon footprint of this vessel while also reducing operating costs.

Overall, Baltic Workboats has a reputation for providing innovative high quality vessels, and Shipiku only strengthens that standing, making the company a well-regarded option in the global market. With its second vessel completion for the North American market, Baltic Workboats is well-positioned to continue expanding and meeting the increasing demand for high-end work vessels in this market.