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Wave-Piercing, Self-Righting & Low-Vibration

The new Baltic Workboats US wave-piercing hull design combines slender waterlines along the bow with the flare of a traditional high-speed bow. By integrating a falling stem with the inherent smooth riding characteristics of a double-chine hull, the result is one of the most stable workboats in the industry. The wave-piercing capability of the design reduces pitching motions and vertical accelerations providing a more comfortable ride. All of our vessels are self-righting to ensure the safety of the crew in extreme seas. Beyond the advanced wave-piercing and self-righting capabilities of a Baltic Workboats US vessel, its innovative design keeps the deck and cabin virtually vibration and noise-free. By resiliently mounting the wheelhouse, the design delivers smooth, whisper quiet operation as low as 63 decibels (less than a car on the highway) and is available for sea trials in Florida.

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April 30, 2023

Proven Hull Designs and Reliability

At Baltic Workboats, we have brought shipbuilding into the future with a major modernization program including substantial investments in: advanced shipyard facilities, cutting-edge equipment, as well as our professional workforce in: USA, South America and Europe.

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