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Our first vessel in the USA has now been in service for one year!

Celebrating one year of service

On November 18th 2018 the Port Everglades Pilots celebrated the 1 year anniversary of their newest pilot boat, “Pilot No 7”.

A small but busy port

You may think Port Everglades is just a small port but the reality is that in 2017 it was ranked  the 3rd busiest cruise port in the world and, the 10th busiest container port in the USA. With 3.8 million passengers, 122 million barrels of oil and over 1 million TEUs passing through the port annually the Port Everglades pilots need a real workhorse to handle their workload of almost 9,000 ship movements each year.

Feedback from our customers

In her first year, the pilots have put 3,000 hrs on the vessel and have used her to complete thousands of boardings. “The vessel has proven to be very reliable, and her speed of 31 knots really helps us to keep the ships moving on time,” says Captain Mark Patterson, a senior pilot with the group.

“This boat has totally changed my outlook on coming to work, the low noise and vibration levels allow me to be much more alert and comfortable while doing my job. The ergonomics of the helm controls make all the difference when working a 10 hour shift” says Boatman Noah Henschel.


The pilots showed their new vessel off at the APA convention in Savannah in September and will also be running the vessel in the 2018 Winterfest Boat Parade. We know they are proud of this new addition to their fleet.

”looking back at the past year I can see how this vessel has grown on our pilots and crews. Last week while reviewing vessel data on the integrated monitoring system I noticed the vessel was used for almost 23 hours straight, covering 120 nautical miles with an averaging fuel consumption of just 12 gallons per hour,” says Captain Mahler

For more info on the Port Everglades Pilot Boat click here

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