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Professional Mariner Reviews New Port Everglades Pilot Boat

Professional Mariner decided to take a closer look at Baltic Workboats US latest sleek, high-tech pilot boat – the 1500 wave-piercing series pilot boat! Pilot No.7 has been turning heads in the bustling Fort Lauderdale, Florida port, one that is host to hundreds of vessels including Cruise ships, cargo ships and tankers along with thousands of yachts and motor boats navigating it’s warm waters. Emblazoned with a fiery red hull and contrasting white wheel house, the bold ‘PILOT’ lettering on the boat is getting noticed in South Florida and for good reason, because this wave-piercing, self-righting hull offers the latest in marine technology making both Captains and crew take notice of what Baltic has to offer.

“The main advantages of the new boat over the older ones is the fuel economy in a larger, faster boat,” says a representative of the Port Everglades Pilots Association. “We sometimes do eight cruise ships in a two-hour span. We have to do them quickly and safely. This boat can do the work of two, with fewer man-hours and maintenance costs.”

With an impressive 1,200 horsepower being churned out from its two Volvo D13 engines this Pilot boat moves as fast as 31 knots when required while offering superior noise and vibration levels, 64 db at full speed. At the same time, the 1500WP delivers unreal fuel economy with 30.4 gal/h at 21 knots cruising speed to make it as efficient as even a pleasure craft despite being a large, durable workboat for pilots.

Want to learn more about this technological leap in workboat technology for pilots, check out page 24!