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First Baltic Workboats Pilot Boat Delivered to the USA

In a continuing expansion of Baltic Workboats customers worldwide, our first delivery to the United States has been completed. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the Port Everglades Pilot Association took delivery of their highly-customized Pilot 1500 WP wave-piercing vessel. With the latest design features, advanced marine electronics and higher benchmark of 1200 horsepower from our twin Volvo-Penta diesel powerplants, the new workboat is already extremely well utilized at one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the world, Port Everglades.

Additionally just across the state in Tampa, Florida, the new Baltic Workboats US facilities will be integral to the expansion in the Americas beyond the United States stretching south bound to cover Central America and South America and north to cover Canada.

“We are extremely pleased with the Pilot 1500 WP,” said Captain Mahler. “There really was no equal out there available to buy on the market, the cabin and wheelhouse are so advanced you forget you are driving a Pilot boat and the crew is lining up for a chance at the wheel versus our older vessels. And the public in an around our harbor notices the Baltic Workboats pilot boat patrolling,  it really looks like something from the future of marine technology.”